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Clinic or School Based Services

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Formal Evaluations:

Includes clinical observations and play based activities with Standardized evaluation tools as appropriate. Evaluation results are provided in writing and reviewed in a follow-up meeting with parents to discuss results and recommendations.


Includes clinical observations with play based activities and additional screening tools as appropriate. Screening results are provided and reviewed in a follow-up meeting with parents to discuss results and recommendations.

Direct Treatment:

Provided in-home, on a one to one basis by an experienced and well-qualified Occupational Therapist with up to date NBCOT registration and California OT License. This is followed by a brief consultation with caregiver to review results of the session and provide suggestions for home use.


This is provided separate from a direct treatment session in order to communicate directly with the family, other care providers, and professionals (therapists, teachers, aides, etc.). This is provided as needed to address parent questions, concerns, provide information and education, for support and carryover, facilitate appropriate choice of therapeutic activities, determine needs in other settings, and provide appropriate recommendations for home programs. An authorization form must be completed by parents and kept in child’s file before other care providers or professionals are consulted.

How to begin OT Services with WOTS:

If you feel your child may benefit from OT services, please call or e-mail providing your name, the age of your child, and your mailing address along with your request for an intake packet.

The packet contains a cover letter, list of resources, description of WOTS office policies, and list of service fees. There are instructions for providing necessary background information, which you will send to WOTS. Upon receipt of the requested information by WOTS, you will be contacted to arrange an evaluation or screening.

If treatment is recommended, developmentally appropriate goals are determined with parent input and consent, and a treatment plan is established in order to accomplish those goals. Following successful achievement of the therapy goals, a child “graduates” from active treatment with a brief period of additional consultation services to insure that the child’s progress is stable and the family is confident and able to continue to the meet the child’s needs without additional therapist support. If, at a later date, the parents note a developmental plateau, or have concerns about a specific developmental skill or ability, a short-term period of “tune-up” sessions can be arranged at their request.

Regional Center Services:

If your child is under 3 years of age, and qualifies for Regional Center services, please request that your child’s Regional Center of the East Bay (RCEB) Case Manager contact me directly to arrange for OT vendor services. After an RCEB Purchase of Service is authorized and verified in writing, you will be sent an intake packet (without the price list – RCEB client services are funded by the agency directly until the goals are met or the child’s 3rd birthday, which ever occurs first). Should your child require additional services after the 3rd birthday, it is possible to continue services with WOTS on a private pay basis, at parent request.


Please note that with the exception of RCEB services, 3rd party payments are not accepted (medical insurance, school districts). Parents are responsible for all fees associated with WOTS.

Although I set my fees according to the value of my services, I am aware of the financial effect it may have on families. My priority is to improve the lives of children and their families and I do not want financial issues to be the reason a child receives or does not receive what they need from me. So feel free to alert me if you need to discuss flexibility of fees when you return the intake documentation.

Insurance issues:

If a family wishes to attempt reimbursement from medical insurance on their own, the supporting information may be included on the invoices if requested in advance. The insurance company usually requires the pediatrician to have provided a written prescription including diagnostic insurance code, level of service, frequency, and duration of treatment being requested in order to authorize the reimbursement.



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