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Office Policies

Insurance Reimbursement

Clinic or School Based Services

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HIPAA Privacy Rule

Invoices, Billing, Receipts: 

Invoices are given to you prior to each month for your records and to confirm the following month’s appointment schedule. If there are changes to the appointment schedule, please contact me as soon as possible. At the end of the month a receipt to verify payment received is provided to you.

I do not bill directly to medical insurance companies, nor do I accept payment from them. If you wish to submit receipts for insurance reimbursement, a prescription or referral letter for OT services must be received from your child’s Pediatrician or Primary Care Physician. The Physician must also provide a diagnostic code. The insurance charge codes for treatment will be included on receipts, if advance notice is provided. This information must be included on the receipt if you plan to submit it for reimbursement.


Must be received the first of each month for the services and number of sessions scheduled for that month. This policy insures that your child will have reserved weekly appointments for that month. Evaluation and screening fees are due the day of the appointment.

Cancellation Policy:

Prior notice of 24 hours or more is required to cancel an appointment. Arrangement for a make up session must be made at the time of cancellation.

The only form of credit for missed session with prior notice is provided as a make up session. Credit for missed appointments (no show, no prior notice, no make up session) is not applied.

Make up sessions are only scheduled with prior notice.

In case of illness:

Please call as soon as possible and arrange for a make up session. Children are not able to benefit fully from a therapy session if they are ill.

To prevent spreading illness to others, call to arrange a make up session. This applies for anyone in the household who may be suspected of being ill, having a contagious illness of any sort (fever, vomiting, diarrhea, runny noses, sore throats, etc.) during the past 2 days, or have been exposed to contagious illness such as chicken pox, etc., within the past 3 days.

If upon arrival, it appears that there are symptoms of infectious illness, the session will be cancelled. Following sessions will be postponed until illness and risk of infection has passed. All symptoms of infectious condition must be clear by at least 2 days before sessions resume.

Missed appointments (no show) without prior notice:

An appointment is considered “no show” and cancelled 10 minutes after the scheduled start time if client has not yet arrived and no call has been received.

Late arrivals are not seen after 10 minutes as reduced session times are less effective and limit ability to complete planned therapeutic activities designed for achievement of therapeutic goals.

Please call if you believe you will be 10 or more minutes late, and arrange for a make up appointment.

My Philosophy:

I firmly believe that children learn best when having fun, and when challenged appropriately. Most of what they will experience during a therapy session will be fun, engaging and motivating. I strive to provide the necessary sensory preparation and encouragement to achieve this with them. On occasion, a child may not realize that they are ready for the challenge provided or unwilling to attempt something that they perceive to be difficult. I will, when therapeutically appropriate, encourage them to continue to try in spite of this reluctance. In most instances the children are pleasantly surprised by their successes and will choose to continue. I let them know that most of what therapy will be is fun, but that sometimes it is hard work, and I have every confidence that they will succeed when they are ready.

Recommended Clothing:

Children are encouraged to participate actively and this requires comfortable play clothing so that your child can participate without hindrance or distraction. Skirts and dresses are discouraged unless shorts or leggings are worn under them. This allows the skirts to be tucked in to promote safety, modesty, and to protect clothing from damage. The children will be working in stocking feet or bare footed depending on the weather and the selected activity. I strongly recommend socks with non-skid bottoms during the cold winter months or if a child cannot tolerate being barefooted. Some of the chosen activities may be messy or involve craft materials, so please choose appropriate clothing that is comfortable. I recommend layers of light to mid-weight clothing as the active play can make them quite warm even in the winter.

Parent Involvement:

If a child under the age of 2 years is able to work in the presence of a parent or other caregiver, your presence and participation is encouraged to provide you with information and support for home program activities. If your child is not able to work or attend to more than one adult at a time, or is older than the age of 2 years, I will ask that you allow me to build a rapport with your child, and then observe the activities during the treatment portion of the session. I will review the events of the session with you, and discuss options for home during the last 5-10 minute consultation portion of the session. As treatment progresses, I may request that parents participate actively to insure that parents are able to support the child as part of home program between treatment sessions.


Siblings are discouraged from being present in treatment area during early treatment sessions. Because the activities are so inviting, often the siblings are very upset when limited to observing without participating and this can be very distracting and may prevent the child in treatment from gaining full benefit of the activities. If the sibling is too young, or immature, to entertain themselves safely, without being a distraction to the parent during the consultation, to the child in treatment, or is not able to calmly abide by the limitation to observe only, it is strongly recommended that child care be arranged for the sibling until a routine is established.



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