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Clinic or School Based Services:

If your child has symptoms that limit developmentally appropriate functional skills, but does not qualify for on-site educationally based OT services, or you would like additional services not available via on-site educationally based OT services, in-home OT services are available with WOTS.

On-site educationally based OT Services are not provided by WOTS and payments are not accepted from school districts.

If your child qualifies for Special Education Services through the school district, or for a 504 Plan due to Ňother health impairment,Ó and sensory processing and/or motor coordination problems interfere with the childŐs ability to benefit from the educational program within the educational environment, it is important that the school district OT provider determine the childŐs needs and if they must be met via on-site educationally based OT Services. Parents of qualifying students can request an OT Assessment for on-site educationally based OT Services by requesting and completing the Request for Assessment Form from their school district.


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